On returning home from our final show in QLD at the end of April the competition horses had their shoes removed, put in a cotton and canvas rug and were tipped out into the big paddocks for a two month holiday. We then brought back into work the young horses which have not been out competing yet and began taking them out to freshman’s days. We are very fortunate to have ASEA only half an hour away which runs two full weekends of freshman’s in their indoor arena over a really nice set of competition style jumps. The Yarra Valley Jump Club also runs one day a month at Wandin Park which is a good opportunity to get them used to jumping in a different environment.

infraredWe have also been working on improvements around the property. This month we have had an equine infra-red solarium installed. We could not be happier with how it is working. All the horses in work are now clipped and after they have been worked and washed down they now stand under the solarium for 20 minutes and they are warm and dry before they are re rugged and put out. The infra-red lights also stimulate blood circulation that improves muscle elasticity helping to reduce and recover from injury.