Our Services

Performance Horse Training

Paul takes horses for training and competition. Paul prides himself on providing horses with the correct flat work. To compete in any discipline all horses require a good solid flat education, from moving forward off your leg, in a soft frame through to all lateral work, counter canter, flying changes etc. We can also provide pole work, gymnastic jumping exercises through to taking them out and exposing them to the competition arena. We are also able to free school horses in our rubber lined oval yard.

We are able to transport young horse’s safely and give them good experiences when they go to new places, in the practice and competition rings. We also take horses of all levels to be campaigned on a long term basis. We travel throughout Australia competing at all the top competitions and aim to realise your horse’s full potential.


Paul and Michelle are both NCAS qualified and insured coaches who take both private & group lessons at Cavalli Park. Paul is also available for clinics Australia wide. We also provides full support at competitions when available. We can walk courses with our students and provide coaching in the practise ring and feedback on your rounds.

Injury & After Hospital Care

We are able to offer clients full care agistment for horses suffering from illness or injury or recovering from surgery (transitioning from hospital to home care). We can offer full time stabling providing confinement for horses who are on restricted movement through to our large rehabilitation stables which are fully rubber lined and then into yards and small paddocks. We provide 24/7 supervision with staff who are very experienced in caring for injuries including bandaging, providing medication through injections, eye drops and orally. We also have a crush if required for scanning and other procedures.

Rehibilation and Fitness on our Treadmill

At Cavalli Park we have a German designed and engineered Horse Gym treadmill which allows us to return horses to work from injury in a completely controlled environment which is non-reliant on weather conditions. All programs are custom designed in consultation with your veterinarian to suit each horse. We can control and monitor speed, incline and km travelled on a perfectly cushioned rubber surface which is undercover and available 365 days a year.

We can also provide fitness and conditioning work on the treadmill. Our treadmill is top of the range, allowing horses to walk, trot, canter and gallop up to 45km/h on the flat or with varying incline. The treadmill will increase cardiovascular fitness, improve muscle tone and develop topline which will improve the horses balance and straightness. The advantages of using a treadmill is that it provides training which is less taxing on horses as they don’t have to carry the riders weight and it is on a low impact surface. We can also monitor the horses progress with our heart rate monitor.

All sessions on our treadmill are followed with a complimentary treatment under our Equine Infrared Solarium. The solarium not only provides quick dry time under the heat lamps but the infrared also increases blood flow which improves muscle elasticity and promotes rapid healing after injury.


We offer full care agistment, all individual post and rail paddocks with automatic water and shelters. We can also stable horses at night or full time if required. We are also able to offer our agisters a complete management service if required. This can includes agistment, training your horse or simply exercising it when required, fitness on our treadmill, coaching as well as transport and competition support.


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